Girl Sees Prostitute in GTA & Decides she wants to be A prostitute

In this youtube video, a girl was watching GTA.
She saw prostitutes in the game.
She saw them giving money to a pimp.
She decided that she wants to be a prostitute for the rest of her life - and give money to a pimp.
This is called IMPRINTING.
We see it in Humans and Animals.
For example, we see it in ducks & geese.
The first thing they see during a critical time after they hatch, they will follow it all over the place like its the mother goose.
Likewise, there is a critical time in a Child's life at young ages - where the child will fixate on something they SEE and strive to be that for the rest of their life.
- Many 7 year old boys saw a Pimps or Gangsters in the community and fixated on that - and decided to be that for the rest of their life.
The thing the child will fixate on is a person who is very well-dressed or stronger in comparison to other people in the community.
So if the father is dressed sloppy and does not seem to be in control of his life - the child will fixate on someone else in the community who is dressed sharper. 
This is why kids in the hood make a really big deal about how well dressed people are.
That's why it is important to keep a lot of good role models in front of kids AT ALL TIMES.
Don't let kids see PROSTITUTES, PIMPS, Drug DEALER, at all. Try to make sure they see the best role models in real life and in children's books.

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