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Jewelry & Decorations

    Lulu Simmons showcasing the GOG Jewelry

    The Queens of Nubia had all of their jewelry and decorations made by Nubians - in the Nubian Kingdom. 

    The Queens of Egypt had all their jewelry and decorations made by Egyptians
    (not the UK, Spain, Italy, or France). 

    Thousands of years later - the jewelry of the Egyptians & the Nubians are priceless. 
    Even a small granite statue made by an Egyptian 2,500 years ago sells for millions of dollars. 

    It's time to make our communities the fashion centers of the world.

    We have many new traditions that uses our Jewelry like our Personality Test and Matching app and more. 

    The Jewelry Will Be Available Soon. Pre-order yours today.
    Picture of Miss Lulu Simmons used by permission of Miss Lulu Simmons. It represents the tiaras we will be making and the tiara headphones.