About the Founder of GOG

In 2014, after graduating from Howard University College of Medicine, I discovered epidemic problems that I never knew existed. 
    For example, I did not know police were sent to every city in the USA offering Black communities illegal guns & drugs to trick them into prison. They call it "reverse sting operations". 

    A detective Brian Sallee shared on a KRQE video interview that police were sent to Black communities in every city and state offering illegal drugs.

    Judges admit that 95% of reverse sting operations are done to Black & Hispanic communities. But they allow this to continue.
    I did not know that police were offering our community illegal communities and drugs to trick them into prison.
  • EPIDEMIC SUICIDE ATTEMPTS BY BLACK AMERICAN CHILDREN & TEENAGERS. Black American children have the highest rate of suicide attempts in the USA.  It started in 1991 at the time when Black communities had extreme social and economic problems. At that time, all other groups of children had a big drop in suicide attempt rate. Today, Black American child and teenage suicide attempts are still rising higher.   

  • EPIDEMIC CHILD ABUSE IN FOSTER CARE, CPS,  & UNSTABLE HOMES  & HUMAN TRAFFICKING  I had no idea it was as a bad as it is. Black children are primarily affected.
    Globally, Black people are projected to get poorer every single year while white wealth soars higher and faster every year.  That's true about Black people in Africa, Haiti and in America.
    That's what we learn from economist reports like  "The Road to Zero Wealth". https://ips-dc.org/report-the-road-to-zero-wealth/
    The report says it is all caused by US economic policy. 


    √ In the 1950s, Black Americans had the best family statistics in the USA for family unity.

    √ In the 1950s, 95% of Black American families were two-parent homes. (that was more than white American families).

    √ From 1890 to 1950, Black American women were more likely to be married than any other group of women in America (even more than white women)

    √ In the 1950s, Black Americans were not doing epidemic gang violence anywhere in the USA.

    We always had a great start. 
    In just 30 years, US economic policy, social policy and other schemes, flipped our statistics and communities upside.

    The NAACP asked the US Government to swap out the lead pipes in Black American communities and school. The government refused. They said it would cost $1 trillion dollars.
    • Then they instantly found $29 trillion dollars to bail out banks.  https://www.cnbc.com/id/45674390 
    • Then they had economic strength to start a trade war with China.
    • Then they had funds to finance a war in Ukraine. Obviously they had money to replace the lead pipes. Lead poisoning is still a problem for our communities. No level of lead is safe. 
    In 2014 when I graduated, 7,000 Black Americans were murdered.
    In 2020 that number went up to 10,000 - and it is rising higher. 
    In the 1950s, Black Americans were not doing epidemic gang violence anywhere in the USA. This situation was created by US social and economic problem. In 30 years we went from no gang violence to epidemic  gang violence nationwide.

  • EPIDEMIC MASS INCARCERATION SCHEMES TARGETING THE HOUSING PROJECTS  The housing projects, that Black American mothers were led into became the hunting ground of police. Now they use terms like "gang database", "mass indictment", "mass arrest", and "mass conviction" to describe the targeting of poor Black boys.   They monitor black boys. Instead of giving them legal opportunities, they give them criminal opportunities, illegal guns and drugs to trick them all into prison. 
As I studied all these things, I realized that Black children are being traumatized by all of this. The trauma gets worse as the poverty gets worse and the problem is global. Since Black poverty is projected to get worse the childhoods of our children will get worse and worse from generation to generation. 
( None of the interventions people are doing today will change those trend lines.
Why? Because Black leaders are constantly asking for permission and economic justice from the people who create these injustices in the first place.)

So, I decided to focus all my time and talents to study and create solutions for these epidemic problems.  That's the motivation for the Guardians of Greatness. 
After studying it, I discovered that we can fix it all and control our destiny.
I decided that the most important thing I can do with my life .
That's how Guardians of Greatness was started. 
Guardians of Greatness is a movement to fix everything in our community that needed to be fixed a long time ago.  
We will flip our epidemic statistics right side up.
We will repair our culture.
We will make our statistics better than ever.

After writing the solutions in my books, I decided to start with the hardest problems: gang violence,  food scarcity, poverty, and shanty homes. 
  • Shanty Homes. 
Shanty homes are improvised homes made of anything. Here's some pictures of shanty homes in Nigeria, Burundi and Haiti.

I discovered that we can make beautiful houses for almost free.  The plan was simple; make houses that look like this and let the people live in it, the homeless, the internally displaced people. The Architectural plans were drawn, the experts were ready. We can end the epidemic of shanty homes - and make those places look like a palace.   I will provide the updates later. 

  • the epidemic of food scarcity
  • In very poor communities, people will never be able to get food because there are no jobs or funding to pay them. So they end up begging or worse.
    For example
    - in Nigeria, 20 million school-aged children are not in school at all. The reasons include kidnapping, inability to afford school fees, but many  parents have their children begging/selling in the street to find money to buy food for their family. So they beg for food instead of attending school.
    -  In Cite Soleil Haiti and other locations in Haiti, they eat mud cakes; that's food made out of soil.  

    I describe the solution to this problem in my ebook called 
    "GOG presents Time Based Currency"
    I actually used that document to educate people in Nigeria and Haiti about the solution as I attempted to implement this solution last year.  I'll write follow up about that effort or I'll present that progress on video format.

  •  the epidemic of school-aged children who are not in school.
    In Nigeria 
    - 20 million school-aged children are not in school at all.
  • Time-based currency can fix that as well and I did attempt to implement the solution last year in Nigeria and Haiti. I will provide follow up progress of that effort. 

  • the epidemic of broken family relationships -

  • the epidemic of gang violence  and drug dealing
  • I am implementing my plan in the the 2nd most violent city in the USA Baltimore City, Maryland. The plan is written in my book. 
    It involves creating a whole lot of new economy for the community.
    It involves creating economic justice. 
    I want our young men to own their own houses, real estate projects, and businesses, private or as worker-cooperative businesses. I want them to be comfortable and easily able to manage their families.  That's how it was in the 1950s when two-parent homes were at 95%.  So economy is important. 

    All these plans were explained in the book. 
    and you will see it all and participate in as many of these activities.
    Stay tuned for the video follow up as we do these activities together. 
    We can transform our communities and fix our epidemic problems once and for all. 
    Get the book to learn more. And enjoy the process. 

    Welcome to the Guardians of Greatness 
    This will be the Greatest Renaissance of All time. 
    Get the book, get the merch. join the movement.