About the Founder of GOG

In 2014, after graduating from Howard University College of Medicine, I discovered epidemic problems that I never knew existed. 

  • In many cities, police were giving illegal guns and drugs to Black communities, to trick them into prison. They call it "reverse sting operations."
  • Black American children & teenagers had the highest rate of suicide attempts. 
  • Black American children were over-represented in foster care. 
  • Black people are projected to get poorer every year while white wealth soars higher and faster every year. That's true about Black people in Africa, Haiti and in America.
  • The murder rate from gang violence & crime was climbing higher and higher. 

Then I discovered that Black people never had those problems before.  Black Americans had a great start.

√ In the 1950s, Black Americans had the best family statistics in the USA for family unity.

√ 95% of Black American families were two-parent homes. (that was more than white American families).

√ In the 1950s, there was no gang violence in Black communities across America. 

In 30 years everything flipped upside down.
Things were getting worse and the problem was global.

After studying these problems, I discovered we can actually fix all of this.

Guardians of Greatness was started to make it happen.
We are going to control our destiny.

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After writing my books, I decided to start with the toughest challenges: gang violence, lack of food, poverty, and poor homes aka shanty homes.

Gang Violence: I moved to the city with the highest murder rate to get the program going. The young people in Juvenile detention like my program. Sky's the limit. It's a start.  I'm trying to set it up fully then spread it to other cities  Philly, Chicago, Mississippi, Memphis and more. 

Shanty Homes: I found out we could build beautiful homes for almost nothing. I tried it in 2022, it was complicated. I'm back at it in 2024. 

Food Scarcity, Education and Economy: In poor places like Nigeria and Haiti, people struggle to find food. I discovered a new way to spin the wheels of economy even if there is a shortage of money!  The sky is the limit.

Broken Families and Violence: In Baltimore, one of the most violent cities in the USA, I'm working to stop gang violence and drug dealing. My goal is to have our young men own their own homes business - and have families once again -  just like in the 1950s when here was no gang violence and united families. 

Guardians of Greatness is on a mission to change this world.

It's a movement. join us. Get the book, wear the merch,
We are going to control our destiny. 

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