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Instagram pictures of our communities are inspiring. But the numbers tell a different story. Look at the charts below. Guardians of Greatness was organized to end these problems. We have solutions. Join Us! Let's get it done.


This chart shows the number of Black people killed in America every year.
Are the numbers going UP or DOWN?
We can fix this. Join us.


This chart shows the numbers of Black suicides in America from 2010 to 2021.
Are the numbers going UP or DOWN? Suicide is related to economic difficulty & family breakdown. We can fix this. We have solutions. Join Us.


This chart shows the number of Black people who died from opioid overdose in the USA.
Are the numbers going UP or DOWN?
We can fix this.
Join us & learn more.


The number of Black people being killed is rising internationally. For example, this chart shows the number of homocides in Haiti.
Are the numbers going UP or DOWN?
We have a solution to stop gang violence in Haiti. Learn More. We will fix this. That's what it means to be Guardians of Greatness.

OUT-OF-SCHOOL Children in Nigeria

There are 4,000 Nigerian Doctors in the USA. That's great. But Nigeria has 20.2 million school-aged children who are not in school at all.
Are the numbers going UP or DOWN? Does it look like these numbers will keep going up?
We have solutions to implement right now. We can fix all of this & create a better destiny.


In the 1950s, Black Americans had THE BEST statistics for family unity in America. 95% of Black families were 2 parent homes. It took 30 years of US socio-economic policy to flip our families upside down.
We have solutions. These are our goals.


Our solutions were written in our 4 volume book. We are doing them in real life & making some improvements. We are not just describing problems, as a member of the Guardians of Greatness we will be fixing problems that were getting worse.

For example

  1. Solutions for Homocides in the USA:
    Why is the number of Black people being killed going up every year?
    • gang violence.
    • our kids are being raised by the streets. Programs teach sports or basic education, but they generally, do not focus on raising boys to men.
    • We started our program in Baltimore. We gained some experience.
    • Our program also organizes the disenfranchised community to design, build & co-own their new community. They like the program. This should work in all US cities - to re-enfranchise the community and stop the gang violence.

    Call To Action:
    Support our program by buying & enjoying our rings, books, ebooks, clothes, sneakers and more.

  2. Solutions for Homocides Internationally:
    In Nigeria & the Congo, dozens of people are killed or kidnapped everyday. We have a project to make their communities safe and more beautiful than before. To learn about our solutions, Read our Ebook.  & Watch our videos.

    Call To Action:
    Support our GoFund Me to change their destiny.
    -> GoFundMe Link to save Bokkos, Mangu, & Barkin Ladi

  3. Solutions For Suicides, Opioid Deaths and Family Breakdown:
    By making our relationships & families easier, more reliable and safer, we can prevent all the above. We have new traditions that people can easily follow to have the most stable relationships in history.

    Call To Action:
    It starts with our personality test
    • Watch the videos & read our books for more information.

  4. Solutions for Hunger & Out-Of-School Children In Nigeria:
    Nigeria has 20.2 million school-aged children who are not in school at all. We have a strategy to put all of their children in school. It's called Time-based currency. We tried to start it in Nigeria & Haiti remotely. They said we would need to be there to do it since we have the vision and wrote books about it. We will set it up when we go to Nigeria & Haiti.

    Call to Action: Support the GoFundMe to make it happen.
    -> GoFundMe Link to save Bokkos, Mangu, & Barkin Ladi

This is how we end our Epidemic of Gang Violence. This is our program to raise boys-to-men.

FIRST young people learn a variety of skills:

  • learn to fly airplanes
  • learn to fly drones for business
  • learn how to build drones and robotics from the circuit board.
  • learn to design & build real estate
  • and other activities that would normally be done in the boy scouts

SECOND, young people use their skills to build communities. Our program is like Americorp, Greenpeace and the Boy Scouts.
We create economic/business activity for them. This is how we raise our young people instead of having them raised by the streets.


There are 4,000 Nigerian doctors in the USA. But, Nigeria has 20.2 million school-aged children who are not in school at all. Many families cannot afford food and children are told to beg or sell goods to feed their family.
Nigeria also has women who work all week long and cannot afford food.

We can solve that problem with time-based currency. Our Books & eBooks Explain It.

When we arrive in Plateau State Nigeria for our next project, we will implement it.

Stopping Violence Overseas

On December 25, 2023 jihadists attacked 20 villages in Plateau State Nigeria.
They killed ~200 people. They burned down at least 331 homes. Up to 30,000 people were pushed into IDP camps. They lost about 300,000 acres of land. This is happening all over Nigeria. 2.3 million Nigerians are living in IDP camps. In the IDP camps, attacks continue and starvation happens. There is no report of them returning their ancestral land. We have plans to restore & rebuild their ancestral lands & make it safe.
Call to Action: Watch the video. Support the GoFundMe. We will make this happen





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Support the GOFUNDME

30,000 Indigineous people were driven off their land of 300,000 acres of farm and mining land. They are sitting in IDP camps. They were told that Jihaidist will conquer everything then come back and force them to become Ilsiamst. We hae plans to get their land back and make their community safe. It happens when you support the GoFundMe.