Solving Emergencies - Lessons from Jamaica.

Phill Scott Show Jamaica has 85% of children born out of wedlock and 70% of paternity test fail.

Can our single-family statistics go up to 85% or 95%?

On December 22, 2022, The Phill Scott Show" revealed that 85% of children in Jamaica are born out of wedlock and 70% of all paternity test fail. (That means in 70% of woman are not sure who the father is). 


In 2019, data shows that 64% of Black American families were single-parent homes. 

In the 1950s, Jamaicans and Black Americans had amazing family statistics for unity. In the USA, 95% of all Black families in the USA were two-parent homes.  We had the highest statistics for family unity in America - even more 2 parent homes than white Americans. Black people loved their families as a sign of their freedom and dignity. 

What happened? 
"Outside interference". 

  1. US Social Policy - financially incentivize single mother homes. 
  2. US Economic Discrimination & Job Discrimination -
  3. Racism - in every sector of life. 
  4. Cointelpro - stays on the look out for new opportunities to disrupt Black families. 
    • in child support court the woman gets a lawyer, the man does not.
    • For a few years "only Black men" were forced to pay higher than normal child support payments. This would create more incarceration for child support. 
    • Incarcerating struggling parents  while discriminating with the economy is extremely disrespectful. 
    • Today, Cointelpro is always running propaganda campaigns to trigger gender wars on social media.
    All because they don't want Black people to have children and families.  

Does Jamaica face these problems too? 

  • Jamaica's economy was disrupted by "outside interference". 
  • Jamaican politics was disrupted by "outside interference" such as assassinations and political wars.
  • Jamaica was filled with drugs by "outside interference" to cause extreme drug wars. Today Jamaica is still top 10 country for murder rates.
  • As a result of the depressed economy, millions of Jamaicans migrated to the USA. All of this destabilizes families. 

Can we end up with 85% or 95% single parent homes?

Definitely - if we do not take steps to fix these problems. 
Arguing and blaming each other is not the way to fix these problems. 
Gender wars are not the way to fix these problems.

How do we fix these problems? 

There are several steps. 
They are listed in my book. 

Chapter 2

We need to do the activities of chapter 2 to upgrade our attitudes about Black people in general. Chapter 2 will show you that we are a great an awesome people. Our families are worth it. 

Chapter 4 

The exercises in chapter 4 upgrades our attitudes about relationships.

Chapter 8 

Upgrades our relationship skills. 
Get the book - join the LIVEs - we are going to make it all fun. 




We can fix these problems.

We can control our destiny - instead of having it controlled by "outside interference" 


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