Solving Emergency Problems in Dating

Do we need our dating and relationships to be safer? 


Dating has been violent - to the point that it is an emergency. there are simple steps we can do to make it safer. 

Let's look at the categories of dating violence. 

  1. Surprise Mental Illness - the other person might have a severe mental illness and you did had no idea. 
    Our Solution is our Personality tests.
    It detects for mental illness. Knowing is half the battle. 

  2. People being evicted - if a man is being evicted this creates an extreme level of stress.During times of high stress, evictions, financial problems, violence, threats stalking
    Our Solution is to Call our GOG hotline for help. 

  3. Prostitution - sometimes the person pretending to be a regular boyfriend is actually trying to force the woman into prostitution. This is a problem all over the entire world. 
    • Our Group dating traditions makes us safer. 
    • We do background checks with our personality test - and match you up with the right person the first time. 

Check out the book.

We have many ways to make our relationships Easier, Safer, More reliable and More fun! 



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