Solving Scary Relationship Problems - the court



More than 51% of Black men are not having any children and not getting married at all. 


Answer: One of the reasons is
• Fear of child support court,
• Fear of family court
• Fear of divorce court
• and even concern about the abuse of the police. 

When policy is created by racist, it is going to be disrespectful.

Even great actors like Jamie Foxx is scared of what the courts will do them. 

The only way out of this problem is to create our own relationship and family agreement. We can make a better one. 

Chapter 9 - is called GOG's New Relationship & Family Agreement. 

Chapter 9's discussion will have several lawyers at the SAME TIME - finalizing how we can have our own system and get racist out of our families once and for all.

Keep a watch on our website to see when we will announce the next discussion about our own relationship and family agreement. 


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