Frequently Asked Questions about the GOG

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  1. What is the mission of the GOG?
    To end our epidemics problems and create the greatest destiny. Did you expect our epidemic problems to last forever? They won't.
    We are fixing it all.  That's our mission.
    Read More in Chapter 1

  2. Which epidemic problems are we trying end quickly?
    (Epidemic means it's a nationwide problem and it is getting worse)
    Answer:  Our program is designed to end the following epidemic problems & more.
    • Our epidemic of gang violence, crime & our epidemic murder rates
    • Our epidemic of poverty & homelessness.
    • Our epidemic of gender war, relationship & family breakdown
    • Our epidemic of domestic violence 
    • Our epidemic of Black children in foster care, CPS, child abuse &  trafficking.
    • Our epidemic of Black childhood & teenage suicide attempts 
    • Our epidemic of under-education and illiteracy 
    • Our epidemic of mass incarceration 
    • Our epidemic of racist violence directed at our communities. 
    • Our epidemic of under-educated people regarding Black History, Black Pride, Black Unity, Black Love and Black Self-esteem

    How can we do all these things?
    We are doing them all because they are all connected.
    For example - once we end our epidemic of gang violence & crime - look at how that improves everything else on the list.
    They are all connected so we are fixing them all at the same time - with activities that are all connected. 
    Read More in Chapter 1

  3. What's the one secret by which you plan to do these things?
    Answer:  WE must CREATE & COORDINATE all the ECONOMY, EDUCATION & RECREATION our children & communities need to be successful.

    In the past - our community would just ask other groups to create  economy and education for us. The result has always been discrimination, economic injustices, exclusion and violence. The statistics speak for itself. 

    History makes it clear that WE must CREATE & COORDINATE all the ECONOMY, EDUCATION & RECREATION our children & communities need to be successful.  This is the only way to control our destiny.

    An example of coordinating our economy would be to organize our food and water distribution business across the city.

    Coordinate inclusion for our kids & people across our city. 

    Our economic success is not a solo sport; it's a group sport that we will must play as a team across our entire city and beyond.

    We will CREATE & COORDINATE all the Economy, Education & Recreation our children & communities need to be successful. . 
    Read more in Chapter 1, Chapter 3, Chapter 5, and more.

  4. How does the GOG plan to end our epidemic of crime & gang violence? People say there are already many programs & opportunities in cities with high murder rates like Philadelphia, Chicago, etc.,
    So, people doing crimes are just making their own moral decision. 

    We are offering a SPECIAL INVITATION to our socially-isolated people. 
    It is easy to grow up in socially-isolated neighborhoods.
    It is easy to grow up and have no exposure or access to great opportunities in your city.

    For example, cities with the highest level of violence also have the richest Black communities nearby. We see this in St. Louis, Baltimore, DC, Atlanta & more. Our people caught up in street life are socially isolated and need a personal invitation to great legal economy.

    Therefore - to end our epidemic of gang violence, we are offering a SPECIAL INVITATION to our socially-isolated groups - to participate in all the great opportunities that we have organized.
    We organize business cooperatives for them to co-own businesses with pride.

    We organize cash incentivized activities for them to do with pride.

    We plan to enrich them so they can proudly and legally take care of their families. We have business strategy to do this. 

    Once they are participating - we  incentivize our best values - to create the Greatest and Noblest Black men of all time. 
    Read more in the Book.

  5. Shouldn't people who do crimes just stop it and be content with menial wages? 
    Answer: No. This is the normalization of colonization ideas.  

    Our communities face discrimination in funding. 
    We get micro-loans and micro-grants - while other groups get mega loans and mega grants. That's the name they call it.
    For example - IBM Received more than $1.8 billion dollar in subsidies from the government to grow their business and build their wealth.
     subsidy tracker. This money supports their multi-million dollar salaries.
    Isn't IBM already supposed to rich?
    How much did you get to grow your wealth? Nothing? 

    So when politicians get accustomed to this thinking -  it's called the normalization of colonization. Rich subsidies go to the rich corporations while our communities face economic injustices and discrimination at every step. 

    When you normalize these colonization ideas - you become part of the problem. When Black communities and Black politicians normalize this thinking  - we continue these policies  - and colonize our own people.
    GOG is not normalizing colonization policies.

    It does not make sense to let the subsidies of corporation pay huge salaries - while our communities have to live with menial wages.
    We will push to massively subsidize our businesses and our lives - just like corporations are subsidies - to make our communities as  rich as we are supposed to be.  We want our men to proudly support their families. We do not normalize colonization thinking. 
    We will lift those wages up by one means or another. 
    We have other strategy to create our own economic justice. 
    Read more in Chapter 10 to see how we get around the shortage of underfunding. 

  6. How do we plan to create the greatest & noblest Black men of All time?

    Answer: Our program is also like the boys/girl scouts with lots of activities for children and all throughout adulthood.

    This allows us to program great for our members on a Weekly Basis.
    This allows us to raise our kid and community with our best values - instead of letting them to be raised by the streets, the pimps and gangs.GOG Youth Group

    In our youth groups, we are incentivizing our best values to create the greatest and noblest Black people of all time. The secret is weekly group activities - like the boy scouts and girl scouts or pathfinders club.
    Read more in the book.

  7. How can I be a member of the GOG?
    How can I be a Guardian of Greatness?
    • Get the book or an ebook chapter to start. 
    • You will be official after you complete certain activities and learn certain skills. Those list of skills will be presented later. 

  8. What is the GOG position regarding non-binary gender non-conforming individuals?

     We have no problem with non-binary individuals.
    Our focus is to repair relationship & family damage that was done by racist - and repair all of these epidemic problems that were coordinated by racists.
    Racist manipulated our relationships and families as part of the strategy to destroy Black unity.

    Racist turned our happy families into the ocean of gender wars that we have today.

    Do you believe that racist should control Black relationship, family and our destiny? No - so we are focused on fixing all of these epidemic problems and  make our relationships &  family life better than ever.  That's our focus.

    Non-gender conforming individuals can participate.

    Please read the book about our new family structure strategy that gives more protection and support to children and family members. That's our secret to ending our epidemic of  foster care, child abuse, trafficking now and  forever. 
    Read Chapter 8  Chapter 9, Chapter 12 and more.

  9. How are donation and grants distributed in your program? 
    Are you going to steal millions like BLM? 

    Answer: Everything is going to be transparent & public.
    I have an excel spreadsheet which will be posted soon for our

    MINIMUM AMOUNT - Every single incentivized activity has a minimum dollar amount that the participants will get  for doing the activity. 
    BUDGET FACTOR -- means we will add some multiple of money, we raise to the amount of money they'll get.
    MAXIMUM AMOUNT - there will be maximum amount they can get for that activity. 

    For example - for the flying program
    Minimum amounts can be
    $1 dollar for setting up the computer with the flight simulator software. 
    $20 dollars for completing 100 hours of flight time. 
    $400 dollars toward your first 2 flying lesson 

    Everything is going to be public - cooperative business revenue etc., 
    So you'll be able to see in real time how we are really doing. 

  10. This seems to only be for the boys. Are girls allowed to participate?

    The strategy for each city or community is to organize the boys first. 
    • teach the boys/men to be respectful to girls and women
    • teach them how they should relate to the girls
    • Make sure they know how to answer the girl’s questions without sexually harassing the girls
    • Make sure they understand there is no need to rape
    • Make sure they understand they should protect the girls
       - don’t fight the girls
       - don’t let girls fight other girls
    • Become the greatest and noblest black young men of all time.

    Then when the boys are ready to be respectful, we would bring the girls in to join the group. The boys their age should then be complete gentlemen that they can admire and feel safe around. 
    One of our goals is to create the greatest and noblest Black men of all times - for a better community and a better destiny. 

 If it is a frequently asked question,  we'll put the question and answer here.
Or we'll answer it in the comments.  

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