Part 2: This is message for the gangs of the USA, HAITI, JAMAICA, BRAZIL and AFRICA

Quick Review 

Honey bees normally organize by the hundreds of thousands to 

  • BUILD the beehives 
  • PROTECT their queen and the community
  • CREATE FOOD with pollen
  • take CARE of their young
  • and do amazing things.

Likewise - Gang members - you are just like the Honey bees - but when you design and build your communities,  the result is legendary.  If you know your history - you know the pictures of buildings and cities designed and built by Black folk since the 1st century.

Buildings built by the Moors

A lot of tricks were done to get you to to fight and kill each other.

Invaders took away resources - and gave you all illegal drugs to poison your community. Many other tricks were done to get you all to kill each other. 

If there were no tricks and denial of resources - you all would be designing and building and cities that would be legendary for thousands of years. 

That's what your ancestors did. It's in your DNA.

So, now that we know all of these tricks, we are not going to let an invader trick us into killing each other.

Now that we know all the tricks, we are going to get back to or normal and legendary.


  1. Great activities, games and traditions - with cash incentives.
  2. Business co-ownership - Co-own 3+ businesses with nothing down. 
  3. The GOG Hotline - for help, wisdom & solutions to problems.

Go to 

Follow along and check off the activities or businesses that you would like to do.

The GOG-media page is organized into 3 parts. 

Part 1 is the activities, games &traditions  with cash incentives.

For example just by signing up and downloading my ebook chapter 2 you will get $1 dollar.

In Haitian money, $1 US dollar = 101.41 Haitian Gourde

In Brazilian money, $1 US dollar = that's 5.53 Brazilian Real or Brazilian dollars. 

In Jamaican money $1 US dollar = 154.74 Jamaican Dollar

In Congolese money $1 US dollar = 2,006 Congolese Francs. 

So $1 US dollar to just sign up  and download chapter 2 of the ebook - might mean a lot to stop gang violence overseas. 


We will review all the activities.

You can ask questions about activities that you are interested in.

Click  the one that you would like to do and it will show up on your profile to remind you and it will remind us.


Part 2  Co-own 3+ businesses

To get our communities right we need you all to own 3+ legal businesses in your community. 3 businesses can be a good thing for example. starting up a new co-op bank aka credit union bank can take 3 years before it is fully operation. During those 3 years you could do something else.

Money for these businesses is not going to be small for 2 reasons.

  1. We will be looking for multi million dollar contracts, revenue goals or community savings for almost every business.
    Here's how. In most hoods - companies have contracts with people who live outside of the community. By bringing those contracts back to the community - we can bring millions back to the community.

    Outcome: Redirecting the cash flow  to our communities will  create a healthier community for relationships, families and children.

  2. We have to close the racial wealth gap. The only way we can make up the difference is by pursuing businesses strategies that gets billions flowing through our communities.  Billons of new economy flowing through our communities- with you all as co-owners of those businesses - is the only way to close the problem of racial wealth gap.
    We have different strategies to make it happen. 

By the way i'm not asking you all for money for anything.
One of GOG Economic principles is - that we should only offer business opportunities where we get a return on the back end. 
If we are so sure about a business opportunity, we should give it to you upfront and get paid back on the back end. You shouldn't have to put anything in it to start. That opens opportunities to everyone. 

Click the businesses that you would like to do or try.


Part 3 the GOG Hotline

Call us if you feel angry, frustrated, confused, feel like doing something that might be illegal, violent etc., We can figure it out - and solve the problems with you in a better way..



Here's Screen shot of the pages you will see as of January 2022.

 Screenshot of gog-media #1

Screenshot of gog-media #2

Screenshot of gog-media #3

Screenshot of gog-media #4

Screenshot of gog-media #5

Screenshot of gog-media #6

Screenshot of gog-media #7

Screenshot of gog-media #8



  1. Sign up - for the Cash advance 
    Download the ebook chapter 2.
    You can win money for answering questions from chapter 2. 
    Use coupon code your FreeThe<Your gang name>
    Use your gangs coupon code. This is my way of making sure you all have a personal invitation. eg., Vice Lords in Chicago.

    In this project we will start the cycle of generosity by doing these things - and I hope you will continue the cycle of generosity in your community. 



    We are trying to do it like the Moors. 

    When the Moors arrived in Spain and Portugal in 711AD - it was a slum. The Black Moors turned Spain into a paradise - and the most advanced civilization of its time. We plan to do the same. 
    You can read all about the Moors in our main book/ebook Chapter 2.  

    1. To do it like the moors, we have Food Projects
      The Moors introduced all kinds of new foods into Spain like pomegranates. They also introduced plants for clothes like cotton and hemp.   Likewise we are bringing food to our communities - and we are going to make it legendary. Everywhere we go, we are organizing 
    • aquaponic greenhouse farms for organic food 
    • Bamboo Farms
    • Sunflower seeds
    • Flower gardens - as part of our new traditions to honor women.
    • Soybeans Beans
    • Microgreen seeds and more.
    This will also help us create the most noble Black men of all time. 

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