Humanitarian Work

Humanitarian Work


    Guardians of Greatness was organized to end socio economic problems around the world that are getting worse. This means that various professional and government institutions are not solving these problems. For example

    the violence in Nigeria and the Congo is getting worse.

    • The number of Nigerians and Congolese in IDP camps is getting worse.
    • The number of Nigeria's out of school children is getting worse. 
    • the hunger and poverty in Nigeria is getting worse.
    • The murder rate of Black people in America is getting worse 
    • All of these and more are getting worse regardless of professional instiutions, NGO's or government presence. 

    We are also committed to ending racial disparities which people have accepted as normal.  We are going to fix all of that. 

    When you join us, it means that we are united to solve these problems once and for all. No matter what your role or position in society, you are an important link in the chain. 

    Get the Ring. Join us.

    This collection presents some of the projects that we are working on. Each one come with a free ebook. 

    • Getting The Farmers Back to their land. with surveillance & security
    • Time-based currency to end poverty
    • How to 1000x the farms of Nigeria and the Congo