FAQs About Guardians of Greatness

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  1. What is the mission of the GOG?

    To end our epidemics problems once & for all
    - and create the greatest destiny that we can imagine. 
    Read More in Chapter 1

  2. Which epidemic problems are we trying end quickly?
    Answer:  Our program is designed to end the following problems.
    • Our epidemic of gang violence, crime & our epidemic murder rates
    • Our epidemic of poverty & homelessness.
    • Our epidemic of gender war, relationship & family breakdown
    • Our epidemic of domestic violence 
    • Our epidemic of Black children in foster car, CPS, child abuse & trafficking.
    • Our epidemic of Black childhood suicide attempt rates 
    • Our epidemic of under education and illiteracy 
    • Our epidemic problem of mass incarceration 
    • Our epidemic of racist violence directed at our communities. 
    • Our epidemic of under-educated people regarding Black History, Black Pride, Black Unity, Black Love and Black Self-esteem
    Read More in Chapter 1

  3. What's the one secret by which you plan to do these things?
    Answer: We have discovered that WE must CREATE & COORDINATE all the ECONOMY, EDUCATION & RECREATION our children & communities need to be successful.

    In the past - our community would just  ask other groups to create an economy and education for us. The result has always been discrimination and economic injustices. The statistics speak for itself. 

    History makes it clear that WE must CREATE & COORDINATE all the ECONOMY, EDUCATION & RECREATION our children & communities need to be successful. 
    This is the only way to control our destiny.

    An example of coordinating our economy would be to organize our food and water distribution business across the entire city. WE should not just think of 2 partners etc - we should think of a business network most business areas. WE just coordinate so that our children and community will share and enjoy the operations - ideally as worker-cooperatives.
    Our economic situation is a solo sport - It's a group sport that we will play together as a team. This is what we are organizing. 
    Read more in Chapter 1, Chapter 3, Chapter 5, and more.

  4. How does the GOG plan to end our epidemic of crime & gang violence? People say there are already many programs & opportunities in cities with high murder rates like Philadelphia, Chicago, etc.,
    So, the people doing crimes are just making their own moral decision. 

    Answer: We are offering a SPECIAL INVITATION to our socially-isolated people.  It is easy to grow up in socially-isolated neighborhoods with no knowledge about great opportunities around you. It is easy to grow up and have no access to those great opportunities around you. 
    Cities with the highest level of violence also have the richest Black communities nearby. We see this in St. Louis, Baltimore, DC, etc.,
    Therefore - to end our epidemic of gang violence, we are offering a SPECIAL INVITATION to socially isolated groups - to participate in great opportunities that we have organized. 
    We organize business cooperatives for them to do with pride.
    We organize cash incentivized activities for them to do with pride.
    Our goal is to enrich them so that they can proudly take care of their families and communities financially.
    Once they are participating - we  incentivize our best values and create the Greatest and Noblest Black men of all time. 
    Read more in the Book.

  5. Shouldn't those people who do crimes just be content with menial wages? 
    Answer: No. This is the normalization of colonization ideas.  

    Our communities get either no loans, no grants or micro-loans and micro-grants.  While we struggle with racist underfunding - the local rich corporations receive billions of dollars every year to build their wealth. 
    Their loans are called mega loans and jumbo loans. our loans are called micro loans and micro grants. 
    When Black communities and Black politicians normalize these practices  - we continue these policies  - and colonize our own people.
    GOG is not normalizing colonization policy.
    We will create an economy where our communities will be rich and prosperous like we were supposed to be 
    We will not accept colonization ideals for our community. 
    Read more in Chapter 10 to see how we get around the shortage of underfunding. 

  6. How do we plan to create the greatest & noblest Black men of All time.
    Wasn't patriarchal violence common since ancient Africa?

    Answer: Our program is also like the boys/girl scouts with lots of activities for children and all throughout adulthood.
    This allows us to program great weekly activities for our participants.
    This allows us to raise our kid and community with our best values - instead of letting them to be raised by the streets, the pimps and gangs.
    We are presenting new traditions and we are incentivizing our best values to create the greatest and noblest Black people of all time.

  7. How are we going to stop the rest of the epidemic problems on the list. 
    Answer: All of the strategies are listed in the book. 
    Once we fix our economic problems and coordinate our own activities - everything will flow easily.  We have extreme epidemic problems that were created by colonization, underfunding, social & economic injustice.
    We are not going to let other groups destroy our culture & destiny.
    We will create the greatest destiny that we can imagine.

  8. What is the GOG position regarding non-binary gender non-conforming individuals?
    Answer: We have no problem with non-binary individuals. 

    Our focus is to repair relationship & family damage that was done by racist. 

    We believe that racist manipulated our relationships and families as part of the strategy to destroy Black unity. Racist turned our happy families into a sea of gender war problem that we have today.
    We do not believe that racist should control the destiny of Black families.  We are going to fix it back and make family life better than ever.
    That's our focus.
    Non-gender conforming individuals can participate. Read the book about our new family structure strategy that gives more protection and support to children and family members. Read Chapter 8  Chapter 9, Chapter 12 and more.

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